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Sentient playable teaser is an experimental psychological horror experience regarding technology and human consciousness. It belongs to a bigger world currently under development by FORMA.

It was developed on a span of two weeks, it is a short  experience in wich you are a subject test inside one of Sentient Corp facilities.

You can join the comunity on our discord: discord.gg/gcqBKN4 

Explore other projects under development : www.forma.games 

Follow  us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/formaworks

Minimum Specs:

-Windows 7

-Processor: i3-4130


-Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB

-1GB Space Disk

Share your experience or gameplay below! 


Sentient_Playable_Teaser.zip 503 MB


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Well made game. Worth playing indeed.

Game here:

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This game made me feel very uneasy, in the intended way.

Not sure if I bugged it because I was told to sleep after the monkey appeared in the door and I simply could not go to sleep even after the shaking wore off from eating my first optional cookie.

Is there a way to invert the mouse? :/

Hi, I have a problem with the game and that little PROBLEM is that when I try to start it a window pops up that says "fatal error!" and it says things about the engine and that the game had to be closed. My pc meets the requirements, I do not have a graphics card, only the integrated one from Intel, but my pc naturally runs the game. Please help, I don't know why that skips me and I want to play the blessed game.

Hello, you should check if you have all the drivers up to date, and if the problem persists it is most likely related to the graphics card. Maybe post the fatal error in our discord community ( https://discord.gg/gcqBKN4 ), perhaps someone that had the same issue knows the fix.


Tried out the game!


A game that is about being in a room with nothing but a tennis ball, and some cookies. But your not alone in that room...

Alright serious time, the game lasted for around 20 minutes on average. The game is a very photorealistic game and if you want it more realistic go ahead and turn up your sharpness in the Nvidia Control Panel, its worth it. So yeah if your bored go ahead and play the game its something that can make you not bored lets say that *wink wink*. But I might make a game review on this who knows, but so far good game, and I created the thumbnail on Photopea if your wondering this isnt stolen lmao


When comes the Fullversion?


An interesting game. Had fun testing it. Loved the concept.We are interested to see how the game will progress.


Thanks for the Turkish language support. Great game.

This game is a masterpiece. Captured the feeling of being totally alone while an unknown force looms over you. Confused me, made me laugh, made me think, and ultimately, scared the crap out of me. I absolutely loved this, and I want more.
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I loved monkey neighbor. cookie!

loved monkey neighbor. cookie!

Amazing teaser, freaked me out lmao had me on my toes the entire time waiting for something to happen. Cant wait for the final


Fantastic. Can't wait for more!


Is there a longer game coming


Yes there is! more information is available in our web page and discord


This game was one of the creepiest things I've ever played in the last period. Am I using an hyperbole? Maybe. But I dunno, it just... Really scared me, but I also really really enjoyed it: this type of creepiness is the one I love to death: claustrophobia, sense of being controlled and being helpless. It's right up my alley, so... I loved it. Great work guys, can't wait for the full product.

-Ele, Ludi Tarantula team.

The game is clever, however I wouldn't really call it a mind-numbing scary thriller. It's actually much more funny than scary, plenty of lollable moments (like with the cookie and the monkey).

With that being said, I gotta say that the controls are a tad bit difficult, at least from my angle. To click and hold using the mouse and or keyboard is a tad bit tedious, let alone to toss the ball. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to accurately toss the ball. I couldn't progress any further than the [spoiler] play with the monkey [/spoiler] part, due to me not being able to toss the ball.

If you're gunna make this a full fledge game, it would be very helpful if controller support was released, of which would solve this indefinately. 

Also, without a pause feature means even if I have to do something else (run to answer door, restroom, ect.) makes things inconvenient.

Pros: Entertaining, good voice acting, interesting

Cons: Considered a scary psycological terror, moreso a funny charming time passer

without a health meter or any actual danger this is simply a walking simulator with cool effects, controls can be hindering, plot is too linear.

Somethings to add on would be a better way to have flexible controls, make the space button the throw button.

You should incorporate some morality choices, my suggestion is to, not exactly make like "Saw-styled" choices, but moreso choices that are simple, but in the plot are more harder than it looks---Like obeying a command could hurt somebody else, or disobeying could be helpful, but we risk punishment. This leaves players to struggle to predict which shennanigan the japanese voice will subject them to next, whether we'll get a mind numbing choice that affects others, or whether it'll be a random command that just doesn't make sense.

Maybe add a bit of Alicec in Wonderland styled hallucinations that keep us on our toes, to have us slowly struggle to know real from reality.

Anyway, this is Gregory Thomas, Everybody's Favorite Uncle, author of the science fiction dystopian novel Chronologue, sharing thoughts. ^~^



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Never have I been reduced to a cookie before haha the game's concept is very simple, but seemingly DEEP! Like there's soo much going on just outside the four concrete walls. I love the mechanics with the vision and walking. Taking the time to add in minuscule details like that speak so loudly during gameplay. I'm definitely interested if you expand on this, Pombero, or whatever is next!

Great work! 


best game mankind have ever seen. I would really love to see something more about this


I wanted to share a cookie with my neighbor...


Se ve muy interesante e intrigante, soy de Perú y espero con ansias el juego completo de este :D 


Really enjoyed this! It unsettled me so much! I hope more is coming soon!! Here's my gameplay if you wanna check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV0PD7xY_lw&t=1s


Solid terror game.


very good graphics, simulation of movement, camera, sounds .... a very real experience, so simple and so well cared for, congratulations, very good work.


its just a little He he


i almost fell out my char Hehehe..

hey kiddo

can you play it in mac ? 

did a lets play of this game i liked the concept but i seemed to have few problems towards the end 


I can download but i dont can play


thank you

How to play


This game was very well made, the ending scared the crap out of me, did not see it coming at all. I can't wait to play the finished product, and am definitely looking forward to your future projects!


This was one of the coolest little games I've played. I cannot wait for the full game to come out. 



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i have attempted to download this game however i came across a message saying it may put my pc at risk? i see other youtubers play this game but i just want to ask if its safe and trusted? if so, it looks like a very well developed game.


I don't know what it is you've done but this is one of the creepiest games I've ever played. Really unique, incredibly restrained. Perfect balance of mystery and psychological horror.

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Super interesting idea.  Are we ever going to get a full game out of this demo or is this only part of "something bigger"? On the website I see there's also another game, Pombero, currently in progress. Are they both part of the same project?

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I almost died at the end! Interesting psychological horror


(Your game begins at 9:09)

Starting out merely a bit puzzling and quickly turning very uncomfortable with very little, Sentient is definitely one of the strangest experiences I've had checking out indie horror games in a good while. At worst, I would say the adjusting the focus gets a littel cumbersome at times, and you have to stand fairly specifically to be able to read the commands asa result, but this is a minor nitpick. Very interesting experience for sure!

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