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Sentient playable teaser is an experimental psychological horror experience regarding technology and human consciousness. It belongs to a bigger world currently under development by FORMA.

It was developed on a span of two weeks, it is a short  experience in wich you are a subject test inside one of Sentient Corp facilities.

You can join the comunity on our discord: discord.gg/gcqBKN4 

Explore other projects under development : www.forma.games 

Follow  us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/formaworks

Minimum Specs:

-Windows 7

-Processor: i3-4130


-Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB

-1GB Space Disk

Share your experience or gameplay below! 


Sentient_PlayableTeaser.zip 503 MB


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this was amazing, so simple yet freaky in a world that i have zero insight to.

the graphics really helped add to the games overall vibe

Really cool moments but overall I felt they were too far apart. Maybe I am just too impatient but it just felt a tad bit slow for me. Other than that it was a really cool concept!


Made friends with a chimp (who may be evil), ate cookies and got pretty dizzy! Good times!


🎀 COOK-IEEEE! | Sentient Full Gameplay

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Fun little game!Looking forward to the full release

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick


The graphic was great, how eerie and unsettling this teaser was, with the ne--

oh! COOKIE!!


Very unsettling and well made, the graphics are delicious. cant wait for the full release

This game...wow! So little happening but also so much happening! Cant wait to see what you all are cooking up!


This is incredible and feels like it could have been a level of kojimas silent hills. Psychological horror with minimalistic ressources, but incredible effective! I can't wait for the full game.


Really well done! I cant wait to see more of this universe and get more cookies.


Amazing game, I wish to see more of.


Can't wait for more! Very good.


Not sure if it was influenced/inspired by .. but it reminds me of the film "Cube" from 1997 .. They wake up in square rooms, each one numbered.. they can choose an exit on any of the walls which takes them to another cube..some are safe, others are deadly.. there are puzzles and mystery.. They know they are part of some massive experiment given the size and number of rooms.. but no idea who their captors are.

This gives me those vibes.. as they travel through they sometimes run into other people and form a group



I broke the game by throwing the ball up the tube before being given any instructions... So yea

Hello, I'd very much like to play the game, but my resolution is quite low and it doesn't fit my monitor quite right, is there anyway to fix this in a settings that I couldn't find or something


The atmosphere is fantastic. I was so intrigued when I got to the end and it said "belongs to a bigger world currently under development by FORMA". I want to know more about the facility and the world outside the facility! It's great! If I could make one suggestion it would be to tone down the motion blur and Depth of Field effects by like 30%. I like the effect, it adds a sense of realism, but it seems like it's a bit too intense. That could just be me, though. Either way, can't wait to play the full game!

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I hope we get wrestle control back from whoever or whatever it is that's on the other side of that speaker. 

Destroy the failed AI or massacre the northern psychopaths, either one is good for me.

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I can't describe in words how the experience was. It made me feel a lot of things that I hadn't in any other game before. The simulation really made me feel as if I was in control and at the same time not being in control of what was happening or what I was thinking. 

Control wise, it was a little off-putting. The really aggressive depth of field kept breaking the immersion and the character movement could use some improvement.

Overall I love this unique simulation game and I positively look forward to the full release of the game.


This is a very cool idea, I love when people use gaming as a medium beyond just entertainment and try to make people think or feel something. However I have a couple suggestions and believe that some changes could be needed.

VR support would be nice and is easy enough with Unreal Engine. A photo-realistic horror/puzzle game or whatever this is would be very nice.

Depth of field looks great in movies, but it doesn't in games because the center of the screen isn't always where your eyes are looking, so quite often the area you're looking at is out of focus.

A option to change from 4:3 to 16:9 would be nice, though perhaps this was intentionally left 4:3 to create a claustrophobic atmosphere which is understandable but still some people might see the 4:3, realize there are no options and just quit right there.

Also please use a different sound for eating it's just unpleasant and not the disturbing unpleasant, it's just bad.

Looking forward to seeing the world you're building :)

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This game gave off weird and unsettling vibes from the moment I started it up, which made it enjoyable. Overall nice game and good luck with your project!

(Sorry for posting a comment although I made this video a day ago, It's just that, I noticed you guys were on itch.io a bit too late.)


We loved the gameplay! Glad you are here




Awesome experience!! Keep up the great work.